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A highscores leaderboard plugin for Unity.

Connects to the Noble Whale Leaderboard service to allow players and developers to store and retrieve highscore entries.

Supports unlimited entries per user, or optionally store a limited number of the best ranked entries to keep your leaderboard uncluttered. Each entry may contain up to 10KB of optional metadata. Entries may be retrieved one page at a time in ascending or descending order while taking ties into account. You may also show your players latest score in context to other surrounding scores.

Supports Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS.

Note: Web builds are not supported.

How to Use

In order to use the Noble Leaderboard services you will need to sign up for an account. You can do this on our website or through the Unity Engine at Window->Noble Leaderboard->Setup. It is free to sign up but your entries will be limited. In order to remove the limits you will need to purchase one of the Leaderboard service plans.

Set up

  1. You can access the setup window at any time by going to Window->Noble Leaderboard->Setup.
  2. Enter your email address to sign up, or enter your Game ID if you already have an account. You can get your Game ID any time from the dashboard at https://noblewhale.com/dashboard
  3. Add the Leaderboard component to any GameObject in a scene.
  4. Call one of the public methods on the Leaderboard component in order to add, delete, or retrieve entries.


Up to 10KB of metadata may be stored per entry. Any metadata stored must be stored as bytes, this means any information you would like to stored as metadata must first be converted to a byte array. Metadata will also be retrieved as a byte array so must be converted back on retrieval.


Upon retrieval entries may be sorted in ascending or descending order (default) by rank. The rank is determined by score and sorting order taking into account ties. For entries with the same rank the order in the list is determined by seniority.

Player Entry Limit

By default there is no limit on the number of entries a player can have for each level. You may optionally set a maximum number of entries per player per level. If the player has already reached the entry limit and attains a new high score, that high score will be stored and the lowest stored score will be dropped. If a player fails to beat their lowest stored score the entry will be dropped.

Retrieve Multiple Entries per User

By default only the best ranked entry per user will be retrieved. You may use the allow duplicates option to retrieve all entries by all users.