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Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux


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An earthquake. A disturbance causing you to wake from a seemingly eons-long slumber. You are a grabble. Suspended from the roof of a cavern in the Ancient Tree, you are a simple being from a simple race. But wait, something tickles the back of your mind… Curiosity? A largely forgotten memory? Something drives you on. With a stretch and a blink, you set out on a journey of discovery to find the cause of this shake in the world. A journey that will reignite your missing history and save your kind! Grabbles is a twin-stick grabbing platformer. Each grabble is equipped with two sticky appendages that they depend on to survive. A steady hand and quick reflexes will determine your fate in the local and online multiplayer arenas. The multiplayer is chaotic and fast-paced while the story mode challenges players to maintain momentum (or "flow") as they make their way through expansive floating mountain ranges, impenetrable mushroom forests, and dark organic caverns.


First there was nothing. Then there was Grabbles.


  • Grab things, Throw things, Go real fast
  • Online and Local Multiplayer
  • Action-packed fast-paced combat
  • Vibrant hand-painted artwork in full 1080p resolution
  • Original soundtrack with mad beats and chill grooves
  • Up to 8 local players, more online!
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Stretchy, dynamic, physics-based character
  • Unlockable and hidden items. Look at all your little hats!
  • Race against any time from the online leaderboards
  • Bots


Grabbles Alpha Demo Trailer YouTube


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Grabbles: The Music
Free Download! grabbles.bandcamp.com.

@GrabblesGame twitter.com.

About Noble Whale Studios

Noble Whale Studios is captained by Zeb Long and Brad Murphy, along with artist Chris Owen from across the seas. They choose to make games, not for the fame or the glory, but to bring friends together and recreate that feeling you get when you obtain the key, kill the monster, and save the world.

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Grabbles Credits

Zebadiah "Zeb" Long
Co-Founder, Developer

Brad Murphy
Co-Founder, Developer

Chris Owen

Brent Walker

David Plakon

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